Art Instructors/Education

Coronado School of the Arts
Art Instructors/Education

Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA, is San Diego County's premier public school arts conservatory, home to 200 scholar artists grades 9 through 12, who attend the nationally ranked Coronado High School or Coronado Pathways Charter ...

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Joyce Chapman
Literature: Journaling/Storytelling

Joyce Chapman is an author, journaling coach and speaker. She is a catalyst for igniting and developing your inner spark. Joyce welcomes you to dialogue and write yourself forward. Are you ready? She shakes things up for you! Who is ...

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Coronado School of Photography
Art Instructors/Education: Digital Media/Film

If you have ever wanted to improve your photography, get your camera off of full automatic, and begin taking the kinds of pictures that are fulfilling for you and amazing to your friends now is your chance.

In a one-on-one ...

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LaShawn Krom, Artist/Designer/Brushworks Custom Arts Studio
Art Instructors/Education: Fine Art | Art Instructors/Education: Crafts | Art Instructors/Education: Literary Arts


LaShawn has produced one-of-a-kind works of art for nearly three decades. Her body of work reflects her passion for individuality, creativity, and ability to capture a look and feel of each clients need, want, or vision ...

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Coronado Piano and Voice Studio
Art Instructors/Education: Theatre/Music/Dance

Elena Vizuet successfully runs Coronado Piano and Voice Studio here, on the island. Mr. Vizuet, a San Diego Opera Artist, holds Master's Degree in Music from European schools. She works with students of all ages and level of competence ...

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Visual Arts | Visual Arts: Mixed Media | Visual Arts: Murals | Visual Arts: Trompe L'oeil | Visual Arts: Other | Crafts | Crafts: Jewelry | Crafts: Textile/Fiber Art | Crafts: Other | Theatre/Music/Dance: Actor | Theatre/Music/Dance: Set Design | Art Instructors/Education | Art Instructors/Education: Crafts | Art Instructors/Education: Other

SONIA MICHEL Sonia is an award-winning jewelry designer and artist who has been teaching since 1993. She is a former host of a 'Martha Stewar-like' segment on a popular morning TV program for powerhouse Televisa in Mexico and she has ...

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