Public Art Collection

First Ashore Naked Warrior - John Seward Johnson II - 2016
Crafts: Sculpture

The “Naked Warrior,” as named by sculptor John Seward Johnson II, is a Navy combat swimmer wearing shorts, fins and a face mask. The City Council accepted the gift from the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida. The ...

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Sea Passage by James Hubbell

Sculpture/Fountain James Hubbell 2005

This art piece and sculptural element, commissioned by the City of Coronado, was designed to connect the City Hall building and the Community Center building. It is our hope that this particular space will be ...

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Transition by Jon Koehler

“Transition” May we have the courage to embrace each moment - JON KOEHLER

Kinetic - of, or relating to, or resulting from motion Kinetic art - art (as sculpture) having mechanical parts which can be set in motion Motion - fluid movement - with a ...

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Photographic Memory

"Photographic Memory" are two digital photo collages located in the Coronado City Hall Lobby, at 1825 Strand Way in Coronado California. The collages were created by Artist Todd Stands in 2005. Stands is a San Diego resident and Professor of ...

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Tea Garden 1904
Visual Arts: Murals

Transitional spaces–Between–draw focus and clear the mind. Think of the eye of a storm, the silence between footfalls, the breath between sentences. Between is punctuation, a break in momentum. Between allows stillness and contemplation.

This is a painting ...

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