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Visual Arts: Mixed Media

Jackie Handly

Seaweed green, ocean blue and sunset blush, pints of paint gleaming like jewels in a treasure box, paint brushes and a blank canvas are the artists’ playground. Jackie Handly, a mixed media artist, is filled with delight when surrounded by ...

Crafts: Sculpture

James O'Brien

As a young boy I often played outdoors and made things out of dirt and sticks. I struggled sitting behind a desk at school. I knew very early that to survive spiritually I had to keep creating with my hands ...

Visual Arts: Mixed Media

Jean Pierre Marques

Jean Pierre, French born, has always been drawn to color and beauty of nature. Painting since he was a young child, he developed a unique style of working with different mediums that are inspired by vibrant colors. Jean Pierre's ...

Visual Arts: Digital Art

Jody Esquer

I moved to Coronado in 1970, my father was stationed here with the Sea Bees, at the Naval Amphibious Base. I have for over 20 years, made a career with Graphic Design but now enjoy "dabbling" in just about every ...

Visual Arts: Mixed Media

John Clampitt

I am a retired Sergeant Major of Marines having almost thirty years service. After retirement I returned to my home town here in Coronado. As a native born son I attended Coronado Grammar School. Graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic School ...

Visual Arts: Photography

Jose Luis Laguna

José Luis Laguna I was born in Mexico City in 1970, I come from a close nit family and was fortunate to have a very happy childhood and upbringing. I studied architecture in Mexico City too and after several years ...

Visual Arts: Painting

Jim and Glory Palecek

IMPRESSIONS IN OIL BY JIM AND GLORY PALECEK Jim and Glory Palecek have made Coronado their home since 1999. Jim, retired from his law practice since 2003, now works occasionally as a mediator and arbitrator for the courts. Glory has ...

Visual Arts: Painting

Jarose Dufaut

My art and my writings are connected into a oneness of expression, stemming from each other and being a means to express each other. Love is the central theme of my art and my writings. I would like to first ...

Visual Arts: Painting

Janene Farmer

Janene Farmer is an artist and educator who teaches in Coronado but lives in San Diego, California As a child, I was always interested in the interaction of nature and the fragility of life. In searching the wild places of ...