Art of Giving Club

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Art of Giving Club

About the artist:

The Art of Giving Club is a self-funded, philanthropic organization established by then CHS student Bianca Valle ('13) at Coronado High School in 2010. The club's mission is "Creativity for a Cause," and focuses on creating original art projects while working together with our community to establish the links necessary for young people to use their creative energy in a positive and long-lasting way.

The Art of Giving club brings together CHS students who want to share their passion for art while working to benefit our community through service. What the club has accomplished so far is notable because we are entirely independent and self-guided. We design, paint, and make art or craft pieces using different media. We then select a charity or community organization to donate our creations to with the hope that it will enhance the recipients' appreciation for art, help them raise money when needed, and enrich their environment.

So far, our active 20 plus members have been hard at work on projects that have already enriched Coronado as well as a few organizations in San Diego County. The Art of Giving Club is honored to be a donor for the annual Coronado Schools Foundation Benefit Auction. Over three years, we have created and gifted art pieces to CSF which were auctioned off and raised a total of $2,400 for CSF and our schools. One of the paintings is currently on loan at the Coronado Library and displayed in the teen section. A set of four panels was purchased by a private collector here in Coronado. A photo canvas spelling out the word Coronado was created by taking photos of individual letters from iconic signs in out city to form the word. Other art projects have benefited Promises2Kids and the Ronald McDonald House.

The Art of Giving Club hopes to continue with the tradition of empowering students to use their creativity to enrich our community.