Attitude by Austin

Shell Collar in Earth Tones


Crafts | Jewelry

About the Artist

I am, more than not, a self-taught jewelry crafter. I became interested in making jewelry after a friend asked me to help her in crafting some bracelets. I was hooked from that time on. I began to look and study all types of jewelry crafting magazines and books and, in the process, developed a great research library. My interest in jewelry making is very eclectic and diverse. Aside from straight beading, I also do bead weaving, polymer clay, and metalsmithing. I consider myself still a student in these disciplines and continue to study and work at them as much as I can. I appreciate so very much my customer's interest and appreciation for my work and my hope is that as I continue to learn more and more, I will be able to create even better works of art. My work can be seen, in person, at Austin's Gallery in Coronado.


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