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About the Artist

Ten years ago, founder Dolores Forsythe, after retiring from her consulting business, began traveling with her husband to many foreign countries. During their trip to Vietnam, Dolores was moved by the plight of the women there. After lengthy discussions with the director of the Vietnamese Women's Union, she decided to help in two ways, one by bringing their beautiful pearl jewelry to the U.S. market and secondly by contributing to a microloan program that would help women become more self-reliant and start their own businesses.

Since that time Dolores and Allan have traveled to many other countries to buy jewelry. Dolores travels the world searching for unique gemstones and hand-crafted pieces, icons, metals, and treasures which she then weaves into signature jewelry. Each piece holds the legend and lore of the places she visits and the craftspeople she meets. Wearing her designs brings this art, culture, and beauty into your world!


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