James O'Brien

James O'Brien


Crafts | Ceramics

About the Artist

As a young boy I often played outdoors and made things out of dirt and sticks. I struggled sitting behind a desk at school. I knew very early that to survive spiritually I had to keep creating with my hands. My love for ceramics stems from my deep connection with the earth and the satisfaction of using my hands to create forms with clay. While I enjoy making utilitarian ware my true passion is making one-of-a-kind decorative pieces. While I experience joy and satisfaction in a finished product, I value the process even more.

For me, the process of making an object is both calming and exhilarating at the same time. Each phase, from centering a ball of clay onto the wheel, maneuvering it into a specific shape, trimming and placing my carvings onto that shape and then glazing it is an adventurous challenge from which I derive great pleasure.

Handmade ceramics are just simply better. They are unique and full of personality that you just don't see in mass-produced ceramics. My belief is that due to the uniqueness of handmade ceramics, their texture, and their look… all of these factors encourage the owners to hold onto them for a long long time! To give them that feeling that, "this product is mine, and not one other person has one exactly like it."


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