Lisa Garn

Lisa Garn


Crafts | Sculpture

About the Artist

Lisa Garn, a California native, has lived in Coronado for more than 20 years. She spent her formative years in Japan where she developed a respect for fine craftsmanship and subtle beauty. She returned to San Diego and continued to pursue a variety of fine arts: drawing, painting, jewelry design, sewing and stained glass in her spare time. After many years working as an international assistant buyer for a multi-billion-dollar warehouse company, she established a custom cabinet knob business where she designed and developed her own line of hardware as well as created custom designs. Eventually this led her to try her hand in clay, which she found extremely challenging but highly rewarding. Lisa has taken many years of evening classes at Coronado Adult Education Program, ceramic workshops and a ceramics summer program at Idyllwild Arts Academy and is a member of CASD. Her work reflects the many places she has visited in the Far East (Japan, China, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam) as well as traveling extensively to the Americas and Europe for both business and pleasure expanding her knowledge and appreciation of art and culture.


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