Dick Belkin

Dick Belkin


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Richard "Dick" Belkin and his wife Sherry are 20-year part-time residents of Coronado, also living part of the year in Tucson, Arizona. Dick earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Hartford and a master's degree in television and radio broadcasting from Syracuse University. His writing career began when he was drafted into the Army and began writing for the Army newspaper. He quickly moved into an entertainment division, where he toured Europe as an entertainer for the troops and wrote scripts and comedy routines.

After his military service, Dick worked for many years in television, wearing many hats: directing, producing, advertising, and working as on-air talent on a local children's program, Captain Six. Moving into management, he eventually ran multiple TV stations in a broadcasting career that lasted more than 40 years.

Dick has written two children's books, both published in 2016. He was inspired to write the first, Coronado Dog Surfing Olympics, after watching actual dog surfing in Coronado. The second, Totally Twisted!: Tongue Twister Soup, is authored by "Captain Six," his TV persona, with several illustrators.

Most recently, Dick has returned to his role as a producer to bring the show Come From Away, about the aftermath of 9/11 at a Newfoundland airport, to Broadway.

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