Mary Beth Dodson

Mary Beth Dodson


Literature | Writer | Painting


I have Duel Interests of Art and Writing - I have balanced these all my life, and cannot choose which is most important. Life is so interesting, like having a candy store to choose from! I am surrounded by beauty to interpret through painting and I am always on the lookout for human interest stories. I am fascinated by coincidences that have occurred throughout my life, like gifts. I spent all of my life in mid-Nebraska, until two years ago on impulse I pulled up stakes and moved to this paradise of an island. I live in the very apartment that I picked out before I sold my four-bedroom brick home and moved. That speaks to the power of positive thinking!

In Nebraska, I was chosen to have a one-man show in the Governor's Mansion and a solo show in the Aurora Plainsman Museum. Four of us had an art gallery called 'Keepsakes', where we did our own art and took consignments from others. And we had a group called the Ten Peddlers, who did traveling shows and were asked to have the 'Gold Mine Gallery' in a furniture store. I work in all mediums: oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastels and batik, always looking for a way to combine them.

But the highlight of my art life was traveling on my own to paint in Claude Monet's garden in Giverny, France for ten days. I stayed in the one quaint hotel in that little town and the museum allowed me to remain in the garden after it closed to the public each day, then let myself out through the studio! Sometimes you think life cannot get better than this…that was certainly one of those times. Another is living in this beautiful village of Coronado!


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