Sandra Bonura

Sandra Bonura


Literature | Writer


Dr. Sandra Bonura is a native San Diegan who spent her childhood in Coronado while her mother worked here. She works with the Coronado Historical Association as a docent and served as the guest curator for its 2018 exhibit John D. Spreckels: The Man/The Legacy. An authority on Hawaii, Dr. Bonura is a frequent storyteller and lecturer on the importance of using a multitude of primary sources to gain perspective on historical events. She is also a part-time professor at Azusa Pacific University, training school counselors and psychologists.

Dr. Bonura is the author of four published works based on primary sources: Light in The Queen's Garden: Ida May Pope, Pioneer for Hawai'i's Daughters (2017, University of Hawaii Press); "Queen Lili'uokalani's Beloved Kawaiaha'o Seminary," (2017 Hawaiian Journal of History (vol. 51)); "Lydia K. Aholo-Her Story, Recovering the Lost Voice" (2013 Hawaiian Journal of History (vol. 47)); and An American Girl in the Hawaiian Islands: Letters of Carrie Prudence Winter 1890-1893 (2012 University of Hawaii Press). She is currently working on a biography of John D. Spreckels.