Belle Mitchell

Belle Mitchell


Visual Arts | Photography


Belle Mitchell has been passionate about Child Portrait Photography … ever since she was a child herself.

Belle grew up in Coronado and spent hours as a little girl drooling over her family's beautiful black and white photo albums. She loved the feeling of nostalgia that an old photograph gives you so she bought her first 33-millimeter camera with her 18th birthday money and hit the ground running.

She studied photography at Monterey Peninsula College under the direction of the acclaimed fine art photographer, Roger Fremier. He was her favorite teacher and an incredible artist. It's true what they say: a great teacher can change your life.

After moving back to Coronado in 1985, she became a family and child portrait photographer. She mastered the art of hand-tinting black and white photographs and then landed a publishing contract with Frontline Art Publishing. They sold her notecards, posters, and calendars in 86 countries. She's also very passionate about food styling and has been writing restaurant reviews for Coronado Vibe Magazine.

Belle Mitchell kindly invites you to an afternoon of fun capturing the magic of your beautiful family!