Carol Young

Carol Young


Visual Arts | Painting


Coronado, California Kona, Hawaii

Born in Los Angeles, Carol graduated from UCLA with a major in History and an emphasis in Art History. After graduation, working in sales, she continued to pursue her interest in art history and interior and graphic design. In 1982 she relocated to the Hawaiian Islands, where she was struck by the unique beauty of each island, the aloha of its people, their Hawaiian Culture, and its rituals.

Living in a secluded country setting in Kona for 25 years, Carol became an avid photographer, determined to capture the beauty that surrounded her. Initially, she began to recreate those images in the medium of watercolor Several years later under the tutelage of Ed Kayton, she was introduced to the dynamic properties of oil as a medium. At last, she was able to more fully transform into paintings her photographic images, with their wide range of light, color, line, and texture.

As a protégé of Ed Kayton's, Carol and her fellow students have had the opportunity to travel to Europe as well as several U.S. locations to photograph and paint. She continues to seek out inspiration for painting both from her new home in Coronado and her travels abroad, revisiting the charm of the familiar as well as newly discovered destinations. More recently, she has come to express her artistic vision in mini collages. Using her sense of design to find wonderful, exotic papers, she playfully creates patterns of color. Whereas her oil paintings are rendered with exacting realism, these collages allow her an abstract side of expression of both pattern and design.

Having relocated from the Hawaiian Islands four years ago, she now resides and paints on another beautifully unique island, Coronado.


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