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Derek Emge


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Derek Emge's fascination with photography began with his first camera, a Pentax ME film camera he received in 7th grade. First documenting the adventures of his friends in the outdoors, he then mastered the darkroom in college while developing an appreciation for the artistry of photography. Over the years, the equipment and technology improved, allowing for greater explorations and experimentation. Documenting his son through years of surf contests and surf trips around the world sparked an interest in sports photography and Derek still spends many days in the water with local watermen.

Much of the fine art exhibited by Derek has its roots in the ocean as well. The colors, the texture, and the light is forever changing in and around the water, providing a living canvas to work with. Derek's art aims to capture and share with his viewers the feeling, the sensation, or the emotion that he too experienced when each photo was taken.

A fifth-generation Californian, Derek is a resident of Coronado. His work is exhibited locally at Art and Frames of Coronado and in Laguna Beach at Hugo Rivera Gallery.


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