Katie Karosich Art by Katie Karosich

Katie Karosich


Visual Arts: Digital Art, Painting, Photography

About the Artist

My name is Katie Karosich. I am a Visual Artist with a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Before that, I spent 2 years at California College of Arts in Oakland, California studying Glass under Erik Eiserling. Currently studying oil painting and porcelain painting under Mrs. Mary Hale of Coronado. I am married to a Naval Captain. I am also a Super Hero -A.K.A- Mom. My favorite medium is Glass Blowing. I also love Ceramics, Raku Ceramics, Glass etching, Photography, Oil painting, and Porcelain painting. Textile Design I am from Monterey, California. Currently live in Coronado, California. We are moving to Naples, Italy this summer. We have had the good fortune to live in San Diego, Monterey, Oahu, Pacific Northwest, and Rota, Spain. Awards and Scholarships: California Art Scholar, State of California Bank of America Art Scholar Carl Cherry Foundation Art Scholar Pebble Beach ProAm Art Scholar People Choice Award, Monterey Foundry Carmel Art Association Art Scholar California College of Arts Scholar Cal Arts Art Scholar In Defense of Art Exhibition, C-3 Gallery Photography Show (one of 2 artists) at the Public Mercado, Rota Spain Coronado Celebrates Local Artists Banner program, Coronado Cultural Arts Commission


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