Lisa Ambler

Lisa Ambler


Visual Arts | Painting

About the Artist

According to my sassy southern Granny, I announced I was an artist at the age of three and have made something creative most every day since -- which means for over half a century! Over pandemic, I finished my art lesson book of 90 creative challenges inspired by artists throughout history. Hopefully, after-school lessons will start again out of my studio in Coronado fall of 2021, as I dearly miss having students. Currently, I am painting scripture allegories as an encouragement after recent challenges. Also, I am having great fun with “green” creations made from upcycled old frames, silk fibers from recycled saris, and painted paper. Mostly, I am excited to tell people in Coronado about Art for the Nations.

If you or anyone you know anywhere in the U.S. work with groups of underprivileged children, please email me about getting art supplies. I keep many bags here in Coronado! This project I started in 2004 is now getting art supplies into the hands of children all over the world who do not have the luxury of crayons.

Thanks for your interest. You can also see my paintings on my website. Wishing you blessings and the joy of creating.


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