Lucinda Ribant Swain

Lucinda Swain


Visual Arts | Painting

About the Artist

Lucinda’s oil paintings reach people through their emotions and touch the heart and soul of the individual. Her goal is to touch your soul by capturing the beauty and emotional perspective of life that surrounds us. Lucinda Swain was born in Rochester, New York. Her interest in art emerged in her youth, inspired as a child by her grandfather, artist, Maurice Moss, and her mother’s creativity. She was surrounded by art at an early age and was interested in creative works including design, illustration, and painting. A realism oil painter in the style of the old masters, her paintings portray warmth and sensitivity. Her philosophy of painting is the art of beauty in all things that are important to us. Lucinda has been painting for years and through her life, has taken numerous workshops and classes in art, design, and color.

Influenced by Rembrandt, capturing lights and darks and painting the beauty as she sees it, she continues to take classes with respected artists to perfect her art. Her works are based on her experiences and interpretations of her life that tells a story that depicts life; past, present, and future. Her paintings are on display at the MAN Gallery and at The Lake House. She lives in Southern California with her husband, and her daughter and son-in-law live in Chicago. Visit her fine works of art and be inspired. Many paintings may be ordered online direct from the artist.

She is a member of Mountain Arts Gallery, Coronado Arts Commission, and the California Art Club. Her works are based on her experiences and interpretations of life that tell a story that depicts life: past, present and future. She lives in Southern California with her husband and her daughter lives in Chicago pursuing her career.


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