Mosaicmama by Rebecca Sauer

Rebecca Sauer


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About the Artist

My name is Rebecca Sauer, and I live in Coronado, CA with my husband and son. I began creating mosaics about 20 years ago, in Philadelphia. There, I was greatly inspired by the masterful and prolific artist, Isaiah Zagar. Starting with “pique assiette” (the use of broken dishware), I moved on to ceramic tile, and then glass tesserae, with which I produced flower pots, tables, and cabinets.

My relocation to San Diego brought with it an introduction to Mexican Talavera, a school of distinctive ceramics largely produced in Hidalgo, Mexico. With its bright vibrant colors, beautiful designs, and inherent whimsicality, Talavera became one of my favorite media. My latest passion, however, is stained and fused glass! I feel like a kid in a candy store when confronted with the many possibilities.

I primarily use the “direct method” (applying each piece individually to the desired surface). I love watching my creation emerge, one puzzle piece at a time, and then, by setting it with grout, seeing it come to life.


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