Sue Tushingham McNary

Sue McNary


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About the Artist

Sue Tushingham-McNary (1937-2020) is a familiar name to art collectors who have discovered the tranquility, warmth, and sensitivity of her work. Born in Camden, New Jersey, on December 9, 1937, she began formal art training in Collingswood, New Jersey, when she was 9 years old. Sue took art classes in high school and earned an art degree from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri. Sue spent one year of intensive art training at Michigan State University.  Following college, she married Bill McNary, a young United States Navy officer, and, as military families do, they made frequent moves, including stints in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Virginia, and New York. During these moves, she gave birth to her eldest son, William Wallis McNary, in Guam, and to her youngest son, Glenn Michael McNary, in Pensacola, Florida. Despite having two young sons to look after while her husband was often deployed elsewhere, Sue kept up her art and eventually established a solid artistic reputation during the three years she lived in Brooklyn, New York. 

In 1972, Sue moved to San Diego where she served four years on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Art Institute and was appointed to a five-year term on the San Diego County Arts Council. In 1983, she opened the Sue Tushingham-McNary Art Gallery in the Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California. She continues to show her work in art shows in the United States and Japan. Sue's work reflects a special merger of mature artistic talent and technical skill. With her sensitive perceptions, she gives us a permanent record of beauty and worth that endures Sue's works are also in the private collections of Prince Charles, Mike Douglas, Dr. Robert Schuller, etc.

When she wasn’t painting, Sue loved to share her love of art with others via public speaking or mentoring Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts or participating in art shows. She thoroughly enjoyed traveling, skiing, wine tasting, philanthropy, practicing her faith, and dining out. 


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