Jarose Dufaut

Jarose with Mother Teresa


Visual Arts | Painting | Sculpture | Ceramics | Jewelry | Textile / Fiber Art


My art and my writings are connected into a oneness of expression, stemming from each other and being a means to express each other. Love is the central theme of my art and my writings. 

I would like to first share with you some of my beliefs about Love. Love is the essence of life. It is life's natural way. Love is the unifying force that caringly connects all of life into a oneness of being. Because of this, it brings with it healing and restoration. With Love, pain and suffering are replaced by joy and fulfillment. Compassion is Love's natural way. With Love's compassion, life is nourished and grows, expanding along with its resulting ever-increasing fulfillment and joy. Compassion, being Love's way, is then an important aspect of my art and writings, which seek to express both the great suffering and pain of the destructive absence of Love and the great joy and fulfillment of Love's presence. 

Another large part of my writings and art pieces is the research I have done as a social psychologist, where I interviewed over 300 persons from around the world who were singled out as exceptional for their caring responses to the sufferings experienced on our earth by its varied life forms. Those interviewed expressed that they received a great deal of joy and a sense of fulfillment in being connected with something more than themselves, a oneness, as they sought to lovingly respond to the suffering of others. They also expressed that they received more than they gave in the process of loving. These research findings are then expressed through my art. Resulting is the emerging theme that is often expressed in my art, the connected oneness that is in love. 

In my art pieces, bodies and other life forms are depicted as interconnected, merging into oneness with one another, with the earth, and within itself. They are "One In Love." The titles of some of my art pieces that seek to express this include "Self-Discovery," "Yearning," "One In Love," "One with the Earth, Female," "One with the Earth, Male," "Expansion," and "Unfolding." Also often expressed in my art is the related theme of joy and fulfillment that is experienced as an integral part of loving. Examples of titles of the art pieces that seek to express this are "Contentment," "The Joy of the Now," and "All That Is." The compassionate oneness that is Love is another theme of my art and writings. An art piece depicting Mother Teresa bending over a dying man as he asks her "Why are you doing this?" is titled "Because I Love You," which were her responding words. In this piece, their bodies merge into a compassionate oneness. It is my hope that my art inspires a compassionate response toward the self, toward others, and toward all aspects of life. 

The symbol of the heart is artistically used in various abstract ways to express the essence of Love. Fundamentally, these themes convey my held belief that our true natural way is to be loving, to be loved, and to be Love. My art and my writings culminate in my hope that they will express Love and will be a means of healing, a way to lessen suffering, and a way to spread the joy of being Love, being "One In Love."


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