Susan Stone

Susan Stone


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About the Artist

Vast horizons are symbolic of infinite possibilities defined by color. Some figure work, miniatures, and art education too. There is no doubt Stone is inspired by color. She is constantly experimenting with various techniques, mixed mediums, and color palettes. Pushing the boundaries as she explores the possibilities of how colors interact with each other, next to each other, light washes, bold color using pure pigment on raw canvas, pouring, scraping, dripping. The process is constantly evolving in hopes of depicting the colors of the incredible land and seascapes she loves so much, and the beautiful places she visits often, always exploring.

Per Stone's own words:

I love color and what I can do with it. I love mixing color up in buckets and pouring it out all over the place on my larger pieces. Getting on a ladder at different heights and pouring out the paint, it means just FUN! I love color theory; simultaneous contrast often has me experimenting with color combinations some successful some not. I love to experiment with compliments, shades, tones, and values. In a teaching environment, kids and adults always reach for the black to make a color darker experimenting with each color compliment gives students the confidence to push themselves creatively. Sharing that passion as an art educator, and leading many art projects in many communities have all played very important roles in Stone’s continued growth, as well as even stronger confidence in traveling her own path. I can remember as a kid on the east coast climbing up a ladder to get to the apartment rooftop to watch the sunrise and set even distant storms, but to be this close to the Pacific Ocean and the desert is such a gift.

When working Stone sets out early to capture the colors of the coast. From sunrise to sunset on the beach, long drives in the desert, and long hikes on the outskirts of New Mexico, Stone is inspired in search of unfettered sky, land, and water free from inhibition. All this is reflected in her work: vast horizons symbolic of infinite possibilities, defined by color; boundless color to evoke a memory and emotion, hopefully, joy with a deep awareness of how beautiful the land, sea, and sky are no matter where we are.


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