Terry Farrelly

Watercolor Painting of Alice in Wonderland Looking at a Bridgeway

About the Artist

Terry Farrelly is a recovering engineer metamorphosing into an artist. After 30 years in electrical engineering, the artistic side of her brain demanded the same attention engineering had already received.

Uncertain at first about how to pursue this growing desire, the memory of a long-ago art class by John Yato, a local Coronado artist, encouraged her renewed interest in watercolors. He guided her into the creative world saying, “Terry, this is art! It is not an architectural rendering!” This gave her the freedom to experiment with a wide mix of styles and colors to create her art and find her own artistic voice.

Terry’s art is inspired by the vivid images she’s seen on her travels - observing the uniqueness of individuals living life in their own space and time. Moments captured include a young boy playing his makeshift drum in the alleys of New Orleans; a teenage immigrant girl in native dress gazing inwardly to consider her future; and a team of rowers furiously plying their oars as they shoot towards the finish line.

Terry’s work has been exhibited in Coronado’s C3 Gallery and displayed around Coronado as part of the artists’ banner program.

When moved by their mission, she enjoys donating her work to local, regional, and university non-profit organizations to use in their fundraising, creating art that visualizes their clients and purpose. She finds tremendous satisfaction in giving back and supporting those who shine a light in the world.