Judy Caroline

Judy Caroline


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Judy Caroline Steinfeldt, a resident of the Coronado Cays and Encino, California has been actively involved in the arts since the 1950s. Early in her career, Judy was a recording artist with Capitol Records. Her duo, "The Pixies," was backed by the world-renowned John Williams Orchestra. 

Judy went on to attend UCLA where she received a bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology. After marrying in 1965, she raised her family in Los Angeles. During this time, Judy began taking art classes experimenting and creating intricately complex artwork using various media including papermaking, weaving, collage, fiber art, chocolate, and oil paints. She later attended The Brentwood Institute of Art in Brentwood, California where she was introduced to acrylic painting. In her current work, Judy challenges the boundaries of art-making and paints on unorthodox surfaces such as LPs, glass, tile, and wood as well as conventional canvas. On these surfaces, she has experimented using tools such as straws, heat guns, palette knives, spatulas, cups, sticks, and bamboo to move liquid acrylics mixed with various mediums. Some of her artwork has been enhanced with gold leaf and exotic stones such as rose quartz and crystals to emphasize the movement in the painting all contributing to her bold, personal style of expressionism. Her work may appear spontaneous and random, which it is to a degree, but underlying all is a carefully constructed visual juxtaposition of balance, chaos, and control — an artistic device used by the American Expressionists. The result is a unique display of movement and color which illustrates her deep appreciation of the beauty of nature inspiring much of her work. 

Judy feels the paint speaks to her leading to a symbiotic relationship between artist and medium, the true gestalt. This is the part that absolutely delights her, the true magic of artistic creation. Judy has previously exhibited at the Emerald C Gallery in Coronado and has been contacted by the Academy of Contemporary Art in Australia to be “Spotlighted.” She was the featured artist in Leroy’s, Coronado for the month of July 2018. Her painting “Autism Speaks” was featured in Times Square, New York City, last year. Being chosen for the 2019 Banner Art display in Coronado is a true honor.


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