FY2023-24 Nonprofit Banners on Orange Avenue Program and Application

Orange Avenue Banner Program - FY2023-24 Nonprofit Banner Applications Open NOW - Deadline is June 24, 2023

Read the Mandatory Design Requirements Checklist and download the program and application document below.

The Orange Avenue Banner Program was initiated in 2016 and is funded through a Discover Coronado Community Enhancement Grant. The program displays banners on the Orange Avenue corridor from First Street to Avenida de las Arenas.

The banner program includes two of five series open to local nonprofit organizations seeking to display banners along Orange either during the September 15 through Thanksgiving series or the January through March series.

The purpose of the program is to accentuate the city's main thoroughfare, welcome citizens and visitors to Coronado's main street, and to celebrate Coronado traditions including holidays, events and activities. The City also wants to limit and regulate banners to maintain safe and effective travel through the City and avoid over-commercialization. The 2018 National Citizen Satisfaction Survey polled Coronado residents and nearly 80% of respondents support the display of the banners on a year-round basis.

Goals of the program include adding color, excitement and a festive look to Orange Avenue, celebrating cultural and civic events and promoting Coronado traditions. The program is administered by the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission. A Banner Committee, comprised of volunteers from the Cultural Arts Commission, Coronado MainStreet, and Discover Coronado review and recommend to the City Council all banner designs and updates to the program.

For guidance in submitting a competitive application email the Senior Management Analyst, Arts and Culture or call 619-341-0137 (cell) or 619-522-2633