Public Art

Public Art

Public Art… It's for Everyone!

Over the years, Public Art has gradually become a more exciting feature of the Coronado landscape. Thanks to the early efforts of The City of Coronado, the Unified Port of San Diego, various civic clubs, and private individuals, we have a substantial collection.

In early 2001 with several major capital improvement projects on the horizon, the members of Coronado's Design Review Commission became convinced that Coronado would benefit from an organized public art program. After securing support from City Council, the Public Art Sub-committee was established in June of 2001. At that time many historical pieces such as the Terrazzo Compass and Sidewalk on Orange Avenue (both 1947) and the El Dia del Mercado mural (1938) were identified and preserved for all to enjoy. During the first decade of the 21st Century there were some wonderful additions to the Coronado Public Art landscape, namely the Wizard of Oz panels at the new Public Library, Imagine: Tent City, the Sea Passage fountain, and the Freedom sculpture, to name a few. Please enjoy some of our great Coronado weather and take our Public Art Walking Tour.

Seven pieces in our collection are owned and maintained by the Port of San Diego. Learn more about this collection sited on Port Tidelands (PDF).

Upon the creation of the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission in 2011, the CCAC assumed responsibility for the city's public art program. Building on the foundation already in place the revitalized Public Art Working Team (PAWT), chaired by a Commissioner from the CCAC and including other CCAC commissioners, acts as an informal advisory body to the Cultural Arts Commission reporting directly to the Coronado City Council. On September 3, 2013, the Coronado City Council adopted a comprehensive Public Art Master Plan (PDF). The adopted plan will be used as a road map to help City leadership understand and support the long-term value and direction of Public Art in Coronado, and will also be used by the CAC as a strategic and tactical tool to allow Public Art to flourish in Coronado.


To enhance the cultural and aesthetic quality of life in Coronado by actively envisioning, commissioning, and curating public art that preserves our cultural heritage, reflects our collective history, celebrates our current times, speaks to our evolving lifestyles, and embraces our social diversity.


  • Encourage understanding and recognition of public art as one of our great civic resources.
  • Acknowledge history, tradition, and heritage, including Coronado's early development, literary and cinematic history, and status as the birthplace of naval aviation.
  • Curate works of art varying in style, scale, medium and form that are representative of a rich variety of artistic expression.
  • Promote artists in the City of Coronado through commissions, events, exhibits and collaborations.
  • Expand public dialogue to increase understanding and enjoyment of visual art through appropriate public education forums and programs.
  • Educate and involve city council, commission members, committees, and the public in regard to the mission and benefits of public art.DEVELOP a criteria and selection process to place the highest quality of artwork of various types on public sites.
  • Partner with artists, architects, urban planners, community nonprofit organizations, local businesses, and city agencies to mindfully grow the public art collection.
  • Collaborate with and encourage the City Council and all city departments to incorporate art into functional venues such as public facilities, buildings, parks, benches, sidewalks, etc.
  • Install public art to define key gateways, districts and gathering places.
  • Pursue grants and donations from public and private sources for specific projects as they become available.
  • Create a dedicated public art staff position to coordinate project implementation with other City entities in order to bring them to fruition.
  • Preserve and protect the public art collection.