Deb Kaller

Coronado Cultural Arts Commission
Title: Commission Vice-Chair and Public Art
Phone: 480-390-6079
Deb Kaller smaller

Deb Kaller expresses her creativity as both an artist and an engineer. Her lifelong passion has been ceramics, maintaining both a home studio as well as working in group studio environments. Deb has traveled extensively and enjoys food and cooking. Other creative outlets include a travel sketchbook and a cooking blog. Her professional background is in the semiconductor industry, where she worked with worldwide teams to develop new technology and make cell phones smaller and smarter. Deb has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona. She has two patents and has made numerous presentations at industry conferences. She started a consulting company in 2008 which advised multiple companies on technology strategy and intellectual property. Before joining the commission, Deb served as a volunteer with the Visual Arts working group including the installation of the C3 Gallery, and then with the Communications team, leading upgrades to the CAC's social media presence. Currently Deb serves as Chair of the Commission and also chairs the Public Art Program area.


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