2021 Celebrate Coronado Artists Banner Series

Spring is here and Coronado is displaying the fifth class of 15 new art banners on Orange Avenue from First Street to Avenida de las Arenas, celebrating local artists through the end of June. The Cultural Arts Commission seeks to engage and support local artists through their various programs and this banner series highlights a variety of Coronado artists and styles. The banners are the fifth set in a series funded through the Discover Coronado Community Grant Program. The Banners on Orange Avenue are under the direction of the Cultural Arts Commission. A total of 30 images representing 30 local artists are included in this year's series. To see the artist banners from 2020 click here. For more information on the Orange Avenue Banner Program contact Arts Administrator Kelly Purvis at (619) 522-2633.

2021 Ambler Banner

Lisa Ambler

2021 Casey Banner

Kel Casey

DeGree 2021 Banner

Matt DeGree


2021 Espaniola Banner

Teresa Espaniola

2021 Gallant Banner

Claudia Gallant

2021 Katie Karosich Banner

Katie Karosich

2021 Phil Martin Banner

Phil Martin

Kathleen McCabe 2021 Banner

Kathleen McCabe

2021 McCarthy Banner

Dixie McCarthy

2021 Trisha Ross Banner

Trisha Ross

Kellyn Sanderson 2021 Banner

Kellyn Sanderson

2021 Rebecca Sauer Banner

Rebecca Sauer

2021 Doug St. Denis Banner

Doug St. Denis

2021 Susan Stone Banner

Susan Stone

2021 Kimberly Usrey Banner

Kimberly Usrey