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Lamb's Players Theatre

Lamb’s is one of Southern California’s leading non-profit performing arts organizations. We produce year-round in a vibrant Coronado location.

OUR MISSION: Tell Good Stories Well. We look for narratives that: Probe and question the values and choices of ...

Public Art

Legends of California by Donal Hord

The Legends of California are a series of seven Limestone panels at Coronado High School. They depict Donal Hord's vision of the founding of California. Donal Hord (February 26, 1902 – June 29, 1966), an American sculptor, was born Donald ...

Lucinda Ribant Swain

Lucinda Swain was born in Rochester, New York. Her interest in art emerged in her youth, inspired as a child by her grandfather, an artist. Maurice Moss, and her mother's creativity. She was surrounded by art at an early ...

Art Instructors/Education: Fine Art

LaShawn Krom, Artist/Designer/Brushworks Custom Arts Studio


LaShawn has produced one-of-a-kind works of art for nearly three decades. Her body of work reflects her passion for individuality, creativity, and ability to capture a look and feel of each clients need, want, or vision ...

Crafts: Sculpture

Lisa Garn

Lisa Garn, a California native, has lived in Coronado for more than 20 years. She spent her formative years in Japan where she developed a respect for fine craftsmanship and subtle beauty. She returned to San Diego and continued to ...

Literature: Writer

Laura McNeal

Laura McNeal, a Coronado resident, holds an MA in fiction writing from Syracuse University.  She’s written for various journals and periodicals, including 16 years writing for the San Diego Reader, and collaborated on a number of books with her ...

Literature: Writer

Leslie Crawford

Leslie Crawford moved to Coronado in 1965 when her father got orders to Naval Air Station North Island. The wife of a naval officer, Leslie, and her husband raised their two boys on Coronado. A San Diego Master Gardener, Leslie ...

Literature: Writer

Little Egg Publishing Co. by J.E. Laufer

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Judy “J.E.” Laufer grew up in Montreal, Canada. Trilingual, she became an interpreter for the 1976 Montreal Olympic games, and then a kindergarten teacher and early childhood education specialist. She now divides her time between ...