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Visual Arts: Painting

Nathaniel Clark

For me, making a painting is a bit like wandering in the desert. I may begin with a vague notion of a destination, but the pleasure is in the unexpected discoveries and unplanned detours.

Most of my paintings are pure ...

Visual Arts: Painting

Nancy Ziegler

Nancy Ziegler's appreciation of art began when she and her husband, Ron, traveled around the world while he served in the Nixon administration and later as President and CEO of two national trade associations. Since beginning her art career ...

Public Art

Nezca Wedge by Delos Van Earl

Although the City of Coronado has an established Public Art collection there are many examples of public art in Coronado that are not in the City's collection. November 1st, 2014 the Coronado School of the Arts (CoSA) dedicated the ...

Crafts: Ceramics

Nathan Klein

Hello, my name is Nathan Klein, I started working with clay in 2010 at Coronado High School, after graduating I began working as a studio assistant at Clay Associates in San Diego, where I currently create art. I try to ...