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SONIA MICHEL Sonia is an award-winning jewelry designer and artist who has been teaching since 1993. She is a former host of a 'Martha Stewar-like' segment on a popular morning TV program for powerhouse Televisa in Mexico and she has ...

Theatre/Music/Dance: Musician

Sacha Peiser - Piano & Voice

Sacha holds numerous degrees which include a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance from Loyola University, a Masters in Music Theory from LSU, a PHD in Music Theory and Music History from the University of Connecticut, and a Doctoral Minor ...

Art Instructors/Education: Fine Art

Creativity Is The Key by Sebastian Lewis is one of the leading blogs that discusses creativity tips for writers, teachers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, psychologists, artists of all kinds, health professionals, scientists and people of all ages and professions. For more information, visit and ...

Visual Arts: Digital Art

Art by Susan Stone by Susan Stone

<table class="wsite-multicol-table"> <tbody class="wsite-multicol-tbody"> <tr class="wsite-multicol-tr"> <td class="wsite-multicol-col"> <div class="paragraph">Vast horizons symbolic of infinite possibilities defined by color. Some figure work, miniatures and art education too.</div> <div class ...