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Theatre/Music/Dance: Musician

Sacha Peiser - Piano & Voice

Sacha holds numerous degrees which include a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance from Loyola University, a Masters in Music Theory from LSU, a PHD in Music Theory and Music History from the University of Connecticut, and a Doctoral Minor ...

Theatre/Music/Dance: Musician

Frank Ralls - Piano, Percussion, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Voice

Frank holds a Bachelors of Arts in Music from Lawrence University. In addition to teaching, he is a contributing composer and music producer for Bleeding Fingers Music (founded by Hans Zimmer and Russell Emmanuel), and has written and produced music ...

Theatre/Music/Dance: Musician

Matt Heinecke - guitar and voice

Matt Heinecke has over 20 years of professional experience as an accomplished singer and guitarist, first performing in Coronado coffee shops as a high schooler. His passion for music led him to USC where he studied classical and jazz guitar ...

Theatre/Music/Dance: Musician

Roberto Guitarroyo Arroyo

Roberto Arroyo holds both an Associate and Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and is completing a Music Degree. Roberto has over 25 years experience playing guitar and has been teaching-in San Diego area since 2013.

Roberto ...

Art Instructors/Education

Kathleen Petryshyn

I have been teaching Simply Music since 2008. I love this method as it allows students to be successful immediately no matter their level of expertise. Children and adults alike have fun and learn great songs at their own pace ...

Art Instructors/Education: Theatre/Music/Dance

Justine Dolorfino-Thieman

Justine Dolorfino-Thieman has lived and breathed music for as long as she can remember, and enjoys playing music around the Coronado region with the Coronado Big Band on bass. Originally from Metro Detroit, MIchigan, she earned a dual B.A ...

Visual Arts: Digital Art

Michael Ives Studios by Michael Ives

Michael is currently working on his new 'Coronado Collection', a group of iPad paintings portraying some of the great events that take place each year in Coronado.

Expelled from Catholic School for being a wise-acre, then receiving a D- in the only ...

Visual Arts: Painting

Jaime Camacho by Jaime Camacho

I have been in love with Art since I was a kid. I started painting architectural and nature since I was 8 years old. When I was 16 I won an Art competition in Bogota my native city in Colombia ...

Art Instructors/Education: Crafts

WOA Studio by Dustin Kolberg

WOA Studio is a blog for all artists and people looking to take up a new and creative hobby like sewing or dressmaking. Online readers new to the world of paint can learn about the different types of paint with ...