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Visual Arts

Mosaicmama by Rebecca Sauer

My name is Rebecca Sauer, and I live in Coronado, CA with my husband and son. I began creating mosaics about 20 years ago, in Philadelphia. There, I was greatly inspired by the masterful and prolific artist, Isaiah Zagar. Starting ...

Golden Paw Print by Angela Claudat

Turn your pet's photo into a personalized portrait with their name embellished in gold foil.

Maintain the unconditional love between you and your pet, even when life no longer permits it. We stand for love and live to provide ...

Visual Arts: Mixed Media

Susan Chase

I am a retired state park ranger and my love of nature and animals carries throughout my art. My first ranger job location was Silver Strand State Beach. Birds are a favorite subject. I am a mixed media artist and ...

Crafts: Other

Coronado Crafts by M Bean

Marie is a native Coronadoan whose carefully crafted note cards and assorted crafts reflect the casual beach life style for which the city is renowned.  

Visual Arts: Mixed Media

Penelope Quinn

About PenelopeQ Artist... creating mixed media images on canvas and luv the feeling that happens during the creation. They vary in size and media used. I imagine and recall an image, mostly from what I experience daily, sketch it out ...