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Literature: Writer

Barbara McNally

Barbara McNally is the author of Unbridled: A Memoir (Balboa Press, March 2013, $14.95). McNally is also an inspiring speaker with her multi-media program "Living Out All Your Colors."

Barbara McNally lives in Coronado where she supports organizations and ...

Literature: Writer

Bruce Linder

Bruce Linder is a maritime and naval historian who writes, lectures, and researches across a wide spectrum of historical topics primarily focused on American maritime history in the Pacific. He has published four books and over 200 articles in magazines ...

Literature: Writer

Belinda Jones

Belinda Jones is a former magazine journalist turned bestselling author of 12 romantic-comedy novels (2 of which feature Coronado!) and 2 non-fiction US road trip memoirs.

(The first road trip memoir had a Thelma & Louise theme and made the Sunday Times Top ...

Literature: Writer

Brad Willis

Brad Willis is a retired foreign correspondent with NBC News. His award winning career in journalism took him inside Afghanistan with the mujahideen freedom fighters, to the frontlines of the Gulf War, apartheid in Africa, drug wars in South America ...