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Literature: Writer

Dana S. Chisholm

Dana is the author of "Single Moms Raising Sons: Preparing boys to be men when there's no man around" - a Christian non-fiction book helping single mom's with the premise that with God the Author of Fatherhood in the ...

Literature: Writer

Dick Belkin

Richard “Dick” Belkin and his wife Sherry are 20-year part-time residents of Coronado, also living part of the year in Tucson, Arizona. Dick earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Hartford and a master’s degree in television ...

Literature: Writer

David Knop by David Knop

David E. Knop, Novelist of the Modern Southwest As a life-long student of Native America and a career Marine, he is uniquely qualified to tell the often violent yet spiritual stories of the American Southwest. His books explore the beauty ...