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Literature: Writer

Joyce Chapman

Before founding her company Live Your Dream, Joyce Chapman, was an educator for 20 years. Now she is an internationally known author, speaker, consultant, and coach. Her books include: Journaling for Joy: Writing your Way to Personal Growth and Freedom ...

Literature: Poet

Jerry Greenspan

Born in Brooklyn in 1937, I spent my first 25 years in the city, with the exception of one year on Long Island. While attending Lincoln High School I had my first taste of entrepreneurship. It was in my junior ...

Literature: Writer

Jennifer M. Franks

Jennifer M. Franks is the author of 3 books: The Lotus Blossom, Wild Card Willie and the Pony Express, and He Shall Be Peace. She's been a Coronado resident since 2003, and is married to Capt. James E. Bates ...

Literature: Writer

Jack Bowen

A Coronado High School graduate ('91) Jack has recently published his third book, "If You Can Read This" (Random House, 2014). His first book, "The Dream Weaver: One Boy's Journey Through the Landscape of Reality" (Penguin, 2008) made the ...

Literature: Writer

June F. Mac Leod

I am a professional law librarian, adjunct professor and author. I currently have a published book, Mystery at Crown Island, available on and Kindle and will soon be publishing two other books: Josephine's Journey and Josephine's ...

Literature: Writer

Little Egg Publishing Co. by J.E. Laufer

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Judy “J.E.” Laufer grew up in Montreal, Canada. Trilingual, she became an interpreter for the 1976 Montreal Olympic games, and then a kindergarten teacher and early childhood education specialist. She now divides her time between ...

Literature: Writer

Jane Mitchell

Award-winning broadcast journalist Jane Mitchell is also an accomplished author. Her passion for storytelling stems from growing up in a Navy family in Coronado, traveling the world and being encouraged by her mother, a teacher, to write about her experiences ...