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Literature: Writer

Laura McNeal

Laura McNeal, a Coronado resident, holds an MA in fiction writing from Syracuse University.  She’s written for various journals and periodicals, including 16 years writing for the San Diego Reader, and collaborated on a number of books with her ...

Literature: Writer

Tom McNeal

Author Tom McNeal is also a Coronado resident, with fellow author and wife Laura, their two sons Sam and Hank, and dog, Link. Tom earned a BA in English at U.C. Berkeley, an MFA in Creative Writing from U ...

Leslie Crawford

Leslie Crawford moved to Coronado in 1965 when her father got orders to Naval Air Station North Island. The wife of a naval officer, Leslie, and her husband raised their two boys on Coronado. A San Diego Master Gardener, Leslie ...

Literature: Writer

Ted Nulty

Ted grew up on Coronado Island and graduated from Coronado High School in 1983, “having never received a grade higher than a ‘C’ in an English class.” He earned his B.A. in Biology and Criminal Justice from Northern Arizona ...

Literature: Poet

Eileen Hannegan-Panek

Eileen’s first book, When Money is Not Enough; Fulfillment in Work, lays out key practices to increase job satisfaction and maintain a positive work environment. It provides insights, techniques, and strategies that assist employees, organizations and consultants in establishing ...