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Coronado Ferry Mosaic Mural by Susan Hertel & Denis O'Connor

Home Savings was a large bank with many branches throughout California. Many of the bank branches had commissioned beautiful murals--often mosaics on their exteriors. The Bank no longer exists and this site became a Petco store which has also closed ...

Public Art

Seaside Seating by Doug Snider

Seaside Seating is a bench found in Tidelands Park. The largest San Diego Bay park, Tidelands Park, offers a small beach, recreational fields, picnic areas and plenty of open space for a variety of outdoor activities. A scenic bike path ...

Public Art

Legends of California by Donal Hord

The Legends of California are a series of seven Limestone panels at Coronado High School. They depict Donal Hord's vision of the founding of California. Donal Hord (February 26, 1902 – June 29, 1966), an American sculptor, was born Donald ...

Public Art

Water by Kirstin Green

At Coronado High School, this is Kirstin's third public mosaic and is on the concrete bench in the Brian Bent Memorial Aquatics Complex.

About Kirstin: Mosaics found me at the age of 15. Ever since then I have been ...

Public Art

Median Gardens

Median Garden on the 800 block of Orange Avenue installed in 2005 in the shape of a Celtic knot.

Coronado has sixteen beautiful works of art, created on the canvas of the Orange Avenue median. Initiated in 1992 by local ...

Public Art

Tales of the Big Bay by Annika Nelson

Tales of the Big Bay are four Nature Interpretive signs in the children's play area of Tidelands Park. They describe the Coronado Bay and its history. The largest San Diego Bay park, Tidelands Park, offers a small beach, recreational ...

Public Art

Imagine Dragon by Kent Kraber

In August of 2013 the City Council approved the recommendation of the Cultural Arts Commission and borrowed "Imagine" as a temporary piece of public art to be displayed in the park space north of the entry plaza fronting the Public ...

Public Art

Rotary Plaza by Patrick O'Connor

Rotary Park, in Coronado, Calif., is a centrally-located triangular spot along the city's main avenue. The park's new design created a gathering spot for residents and visitors. Contractor T.B. Penick & Sons, San Diego, used various aggregate ...

Public Art

Silver Strand Sunset by Kirstin Green

At The Coronado Cays Tennis Courts 2002 This is Kirstin's second public mosaic and is on the concrete bench in front of the Tennis courts in the Coronado Cays. It pays homage to the amazing sunsets that are seen ...