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Median Gardens

Median Garden on the 800 block of Orange Avenue installed in 2005 in the shape of a Celtic knot.

Coronado has sixteen beautiful works of art, created on the canvas of the Orange Avenue median. Initiated in 1992 by local ...

Visual Arts: Other

Math in Nature (CHS) by Kirstin Green

Math in Nature (CHS) by Kirstin Green


This mosaic was created for the math building at the Coronado High School. Designed and created by students, it pays homage to the fact that math is found everywhere you look.

Look ...

Public Art

My Bike by Amos Robinson

"Bring the metal to life." This is my mantra as an artist.

Stainless steel is my main medium of expression. My process integrates fluid shapes, kinetic motion, sensual form, reflective light and rich color to transform a sheet of cold ...

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Mosaic Series: Hibisucs

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Visual Arts: Murals

Mosaic Series: Zinnia

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