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Visual Arts: Mixed Media

Jackie Handly

Seaweed green, ocean blue and sunset blush, pints of paint gleaming like jewels in a treasure box, paint brushes and a blank canvas are the artists’ playground. Jackie Handly, a mixed media artist, is filled with delight when surrounded by ...

Crafts: Ceramics

James O'Brien

As a young boy I often played outdoors and made things out of dirt and sticks. I struggled sitting behind a desk at school. I knew very early that to survive spiritually I had to keep creating with my hands ...

Visual Arts: Mixed Media

Jean Pierre Marques

Jean Pierre, French born, has always been drawn to color and beauty of nature. Painting since he was a young child, he developed a unique style of working with different mediums that are inspired by vibrant colors. Jean Pierre's ...

Visual Arts: Digital Art

Jody Esquer

I moved to Coronado in 1970, my father was stationed here with the Sea Bees, at the Naval Amphibious Base. I have for over 20 years, made a career with Graphic Design but now enjoy "dabbling" in just about every ...

Visual Arts: Mixed Media

John Clampitt

I am a retired Sergeant Major of Marines having almost thirty years service. After retirement I returned to my home town here in Coronado. As a native born son I attended Coronado Grammar School. Graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic School ...

Visual Arts: Photography

Jose Luis Laguna

José Luis Laguna

I was born in Mexico City in 1970, I come from a close nit family and was fortunate to have a very happy childhood and upbringing. I studied architecture in Mexico City too and after several years ...

Visual Arts: Painting

Jim and Glory Palecek


Jim and Glory Palecek have made Coronado their home since 1999. Jim, retired from his law practice since 2003, now works occasionally as a mediator and arbitrator for the courts. Glory has ...

Visual Arts: Painting

Jarose Dufaut

My art and my writings are connected into a oneness of expression, stemming from each other and being a means to express each other. Love is the central theme of my art and my writings. I would like to first ...

Visual Arts: Mixed Media

John Abery Sculptor

Australian Sculptor and artist. John Abery sculpts in a number of mediums including wood, metal (steel & bronze), fiber glass and stone. John studied Art and Design at TAFE and then at Monash University. John has exhibited his artwork in ...