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Karrie Jackson

Karrie Jackson is a Coronado High School and Coronado School of the Arts graduate and teacher. Her current artwork highlights the vibrant beach culture and landscape of Coronado Island. Ms. Jackson completed her undergraduate training at California College of the ...

Crafts: Ceramics

Kelly Schnorr Trebico

I grew up in a middle class house in Rancho Penaquitos in a very typical, 1990s era, divorced family. As a product of suburbia I am interested in the juxtaposition of the sentimental and the disposable in Americana. My interest ...

Visual Arts: Other

Kathleen McCabe

I am an artist working in fabric. I create images by cutting fabric; I draw with thread.
I was born in Coronado to a Naval officer and his wife, am one of nine children, and have lived here almost all ...

Visual Arts: Other

Kirstin Green

Mosaics found me at the age of 15. Ever since then I have been drawn back to the medium again and again. After finishing a double degree in classical archaeology and photography at San Francisco State University (1995-2000), I signed ...

Visual Arts: Photography

Kel Casey

Sports and candid portrait photography are my passions. Capturing life in motion is what I do best.

I love photographing all sports, and taking "portraits" in informal, comfortable settings. I strive to capture the essence of who the person is ...

Visual Arts: Murals

KFiSH Art by Kelcey Fisher

Who is KFiSH?

Artist KFiSH / Kelcey Fisher was born in southern Florida. (The name “Kelcey” meaning “one who dwells by the sea.”) Fittingly his home has almost always been by the ocean: First the Gulf coast, then the Atlantic, then ...

Visual Arts: Illustration

Kelley Casey by Kel Casey

I'm a long time area photographer, specializing in sports and portraits. <br><br>

Visual Arts: Photography

Kel Casey Photography by Kel Casey

I've been an area photographer for over 10 years.  My area of expertise is in sports photography, as well as candid portraiture and floral photography.  

I've covered sports and events for the Eagle Journal newspaper since ...

Visual Arts: Illustration

Kellyn Sanderson

Avocations: illustration, music, native plant landscaping, and restoring a 1939 cottage in Golden Hill.

Inspiration: folk music/art/lore, illuminated manuscripts, embroidery and leathercraft learned in 4-H, and an encylopedia of mythological monsters I got at the Scholastic Book Fair ...