Artist Claudia Gallant 2021 Banners on Orange Ave
Posted by: Tillie Vuksich 4 months, 1 week ago


Claudia Gallant


Our fifth featured artist in the Coronado Spring Banner Series is painter Claudia Gallant. Her banner’s artwork is titled Mr. Blue and is located on Orange Avenue between Third and Fourth Streets. All banners in this series are currently on display from First Street to Avenida de las Arenas through the end of June.


Art for Claudia Gallant is like breathing. Forever surrounded by artists within her family and their circle of friends, art was always part of life. With her background as an art and art history instructor, the circle expanded to include students and fellow painters. After her teaching career, Claudia became an executive assistant for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, filling up her days with beauty.


Deciding to join an art class herself in 2013, Claudia’s painting career bloomed. Don’t ask her to stop because she is on a roll! She enjoys oil painting in her studio and plein air painting outdoors, capturing California’s lovely landscapes.


“I am always learning, forever a student. I love the challenge, the process, and the final product. I feel like I am just getting started.”


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