Artist Kellyn Sanderson 2021 Banners on Orange Ave
Posted by: Tillie Vuksich 1 year ago


Kellyn Sanderson


Our eleventh featured artist in the Coronado Spring Banner Series is artist Kellyn Sanderson. Her banner is located between 3rd Street and 4th Street. Banners in this series are currently on display through the month of June.


Kellyn Sanderson is gifted in many areas, including illustration, photography, music, embroidery, leathercraft, graphic design, and native plant landscaping. She also took on a major project - restoring a 1939 cottage in Golden Hill. Wow!

The inspiration behind her creativity includes folk music, folk art and lore, illuminated manuscripts, and from an encyclopedia of mythological monsters acquired at a Scholastic Book Fair.

Kellyn has earned several degrees during her extensive education: a BA in humanities, English, and zoology and an MA in accountancy. While attending community college, she obtained her skills in graphic design, photography, and illustration. Kellyn currently works in public administration, specializing in accounting, information systems, and data visualization.

Check out more of her gallery on her Coronado Visual Arts Profile!


Kellyn’s Coronado Arts profile: