Artist Matt DeGree 2021 Banners on Orange Ave
Posted by: Tillie Vuksich 4 months, 2 weeks ago


Matt DeGree


Our third featured artist in the Coronado Spring Banner Series is painter Matt DeGree. His banner’s artwork is titled Kids on Coronado and is located on Orange Avenue Near RH Dana Place. All banners in this series are currently on display from First Street to Avenida de las Arenas through the end of June.


Matt DeGree was born on Coronado into a Navy family that traveled the world every few years since he was two. Every posting his Naval Officer father was assigned to was close to the ocean, solidifying Matt’s love for the sea. Matt eventually enrolled in the Naval Academy, becoming a pilot, then deployment on an aircraft carrier and a tour as a flight instructor. Needing something more to do during his time at sea and in the air, Matt began painting.

Art soon became a passion for Matt, with subjects ranging from naval platforms, families on the beach and peeling waves. Matt’s wife and two children are favorite subjects for his paintings and often adorn the family’s Coronado home.

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Matt’s Instagram page: @aviatorartist


Watch Matt’s YouTube video to view his amazing artwork: