Cartas desde el Muro/Letters from the Wall
Posted by: Sherril Altstadt 3 years, 7 months ago


Dave Rivas' play, "Cartas desde el Muro" translated as, "Letters from the Wall," is an emotional, insightful and honest telling of the journey individuals have embarked upon to make their way north and cross into the United States.  The play is currently in its run here in Coronado and will close out its run in Chula Vista, at the Bay Front Charter School next weekend.  The playwright penned his heartfelt appreciation of the production in his letter to the co-directors, Kim Strassburger of the Coronado School of the Arts and Linda Libby, of the Bay Front Charter School.  He expressed his gratitude to all involved for bringing his words to life on stage. 

Here is his letter of thanks:

Dear Linda, Kim, students and staff of Coronado School of the Arts and Bayfront Charter,

You and your students have given the world such a beautiful gift. 

Thank you. 

You have realized in, Letters from the Wall, what I envisioned but have yet to accomplish on my own. 

Thank you. 

You picked up on, and executed every emotion, every nuance, every message I intended to share. 

Thank you. 

Your staging, the media , lighting, sound, the set even the lobby and house staff was gorgeous!

The talent. 

Every student, on stage and off is so incredibly talented. The beautiful work they are doing is atypical of “High school” theater. Their work is entertaining, educating and enlightening audiences. Your work together is changing the world one performance at a time. 

Thank you!!

Your performance is, by far, without a doubt, THE BEST staging of Letters from the Wall ever done! I was in awe and in tears. When the show was over, people around me had already started sharing their own personal border and immigration stories. Which is exactly what Letters from the Wall is supposed to do. 

When people come together and share real life experiences and feelings, we find that we are more a like than different. We find out that we all pretty much want, care for and live for the same things. It is at that point we  might just decide to continue, coming together, sharing and working together so we may all have the best possible life, the best possible world we can. 

Congratulations on your brave and brilliant performance. 
Break legs and have an amazing experience in the rest of your run!

Thank you y muchos gracias a todos!



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