City of Coronado Naked Warrior Project Receives American Public Works Association Award
Posted by: Coronado Arts 3 years, 3 months ago


The awards committee of the American Public Workers Associationhas awarded the City of Coronado Navy Seal Commemorative Statue at Glorietta Park a 2017 APWA Outstanding Award. An award ceremony is slated for Thursday, May 11, 2017 during the Association's month meeting, which is hosted at the Paradise Point Resort. A vast number of individuals and agencies contributed their time and expertise in support of First Ashore - Naked Warrior - a Navy SEAL Commemorative statue sited in Glorietta Bay Park. 

The "Naked Warrior" statue was donated to the City of Coronado by the National Navy UDT-SEAL Mseum and the Navy SEAL Foundation in honor of 70 years of SEAL training taking place in Coronado. Significant coordination was essentialbetween the project team, City, and donors. It was essential to eduate the public on the hisory and honor the SEALs who swam unarmed onto enemy beaches to clear the way for those who followed. The Coronado Cultural Arts Commission served as the lliaison between the U.S. Navy SEAL Community and the governmental agencies. In addition, an Honorary Committee of retired SEALs was established and participated in the planning and dedication ceremon for the monument on Veterans Day 2017. The Coronaodo Public Library sponsored a special exhibition highlighting the hisotry of the SEALs in Coronado during the construction phase.