Coronado Playhouse 2023 Season 77 Call for Submissions
Posted by: Coronado Arts 8 months, 1 week ago


Coronado Playhouse excitedly announces its 2023 Season 77 call for submissions. As we look ahead in our season planning, Coronado Playhouse will embark on a new initiative to continue its role in the theatre community as an organization that aspires to bring theatre to as many people as possible.

In addition to our call for Directors ( for the new season, Coronado Playhouse is launching a Co-Production Partnership Program. The goal is to support an outside theatre company’s production of both companies’ choosings; the support to be offered may include but is not limited to venue space, the utilization of Coronado Playhouse’s marketing and production team, technical assistance, and mentorship throughout the theatre-making process. Ideally, Coronado Playhouse seeks to co-produce at least one full-length show in the new season, with the potential to make this a regular occurrence in all future seasons. 

“There are a number of theater groups without a permanent home base who do amazing creative work. The board saw this as a wonderful opportunity to help provide a more open space for them in our community,” states Heather Barton Tjalma Member, Board of Directors and Play Selection Committee Co-Chair, “in these partnerships, we hope to nurture relationships with a wider range of artists and audiences members.” Coronado Playhouse recognizes the position it’s in to be able to help nurture and cultivate other companies and artists, as well as create a tangible way to make due on its mission to foster an appreciation for theatre through stories from all backgrounds.