Coronado Writers Workshop Highlights
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The First Coronado Writers Workshop took place Saturday, Oct. 11. Nearly 80 people attended and heard Don Lamm, the keynote speaker, speak about “The Last Writes.” A resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico, with a 60+ year career in publishing, Don very succinctly summarized the evolution of the publishing industry over the past 60 years, the state of independent bookstores, and his thoughts about the reasons fewer people are reading. His presentation was both provocative and informative. 

The day was full of learning, discussing and networking among writers. How do I write better dialogue, what are tips for getting over writer’s block, when and how to look for an editor or an agent, should I self-publish, and which social media technology should I use were all questions I overheard throughout the day. As one of the participants said in an email after the event:

“I loved the entire day of the first Coronado Writers Workshop. I went to bed wishing there would be another Writers Workshop in the morning, because I wanted to see everyone again and be in that stimulating and friendly environment you and the Arts Commission created as a gift to writers….felt from the title (not a conference), to the location of high school (no frills) to the absence of commercialism and competition (no agents, no pitches, etc.) it was going to be a friendly gathering on a small scale. And, it was!”

There are many people to thank for making this first attempt such a success. Thank you to our sponsors and partners, Dean Eckenroth and his team at the Eagle/Journal, Angelica Mueller and her staff at Bay Books,  the Coronado High School Principal Jenny Moore and  Vice Principal/Principal of CoSA Shane Schmeichel and his team with the Coronado School of the Arts, Amy Steward and her crew of reporters and cameramen from KCMS, the Cultural Art Commissioners, our Arts Administrator, Kelly Purvis, and the Literary Arts Working Team who have worked for the last eight months on the Workshop: Raye Ringholz, Virginia Sherwood, Jerry Greenspan, Jennifer Franks, Kate Carinder and Mary Beth Dodson.

Also, thank you to the workshop presenters who brought their expertise and enthusiasm for the craft of writing – Barbra Drizin, Janice Steinberg, Laura McNeal, Bob Goodman, Ira Spector, Cornelia Feye, Tricia van Dockum, Barbara McNally, Charlotte Buys, Marni Freedman, Robert Pickford, George Galdorisi and Raye Ringholz. Participants indicated they were impressed with the content of the presentations and even the most seasoned professional writers shared that they learned new and invaluable information at the workshop.

Finally, thank you to the writers who attended the Writers Workshop. Participants included students from Coronado High School, participants from Sacramento, Tustin, La Jolla, Escondido, Carlsbad, and Chula Vista, as well as many published writers and  aspiring writers from Coronado. They came prepared to learn ways to better tell their stories.

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Susan Enowitz

Commissioner of Literary Arts

Coronado Cultural Arts Commission