Coronado Writers Workshop Update
Posted by: Coronado Arts 4 years, 6 months ago


Two new speakers have been added to this Saturday’s Writers Workshop, due to last-minute cancelations. Each has taken on subject matter that is not easy to write and often difficult to read. Both represent that small percentage of authors who are compelled to tell a story, no matter how hard it is to write.

Tanya Hyonhye Ko will be speaking in the session “Turning a Life Experience into Compelling Memoir.” Her work has appeared in many journals and she wrote a poetry collection, “Generation One Point Five.” Her poem, “Comfort Woman,” received honorable mention in the Women’s National Book Association Writing Contest in 2015.

On August 14th, 1991 in Seoul, a woman named Hak Soon Kim came forward to denounce the Japanese for the sexual enslavement of more than 200,000 women during WWII. They were referred to as “Wianbu” in Korean and “Comfort Women” in English. – Tanya Hyonhye Ko

The author shares, “This is the epigraph of my poem, ‘Comfort Woman.’  When I found out about this tragic history, I was shocked and my life was disrupted. I carried a heavy pain in my chest and tried to free myself from it. Honestly, I didn’t want my life to be interrupted. I thought, someone else can write about this. But, I was haunted by the story day and night.” I started to write about the “Comfort Women.” It was a long process. I was sick and felt pain and anger, but something magical happened.”

Caitlin Rother will be speaking in two sessions, “Writing the Truth, Creatively,” and “Focus on Fiction: Writing Tips, Pitching a Story and Promoting Fiction.”  As a Pulitzer-nominated investigative journalist for the San Diego Union-Tribune, her most controversial book, “Lost Girls,” tells the story behind the murder of San Diego area teenagers Chelsea King and Amber Dubois by sexual predator John Gardner. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Lost Girls” is a deeply reported, dispassionately written attempt to determine what created that monster and predator. It is a cautionary tale and a horror story, done superbly by a writer who knows how to burrow into a complex case without becoming captive to her sources."

On Saturday, October 3, at the Coronado High School, 650 D. Ave., in Coronado, Tanya Hyonhye Ko and Caitlin Rother will join authors who write memoirs, biographies, children books, thrillers, historical fiction, military action plots, or mysteries sharing their expertise with an audience of more than 100 writers.  Many have already published, and some are hoping that soon they’ll have a manuscript ready to publish and be able to fulfill their dream of writing a book. 

To join this exciting day of literature expression, please registrar in advance.  Go to for more information or call (619) 522-2633.