Dinner with D'Angelo by Jerry Greenspan
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Dinner with D'Angelo              12/22/13

The effervescent 10 year-old,

Had much to share with this senior citizen.

It seems his little sister, Yasmene, ca be a problem.

D'Angelo is occasionally exasperated with her crying.

But, the big news was his team's basketball victory.

They crushed the other guys 22 to 2.

He modestly conceded playing pretty good ball.

Next, was his revelation that he was really fast,

The fastest runner in his grade!

Not to be outdone, I spoke of my heroics.

Like being the fastest guy in my school.

I then challenged the punk to a reflex contest.

My hands facing up, his palms on top of mine.

Could he escape before I tagged the back of his hand(s)?

Hah! I destroyed the upstart.

Our dinner conversation lasted over an hour.

I'm not sure, but we may have hugged before we parted,

And agreed to meet again..

Jerry Greenspan

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