Free Virtual Osher Lecture - The Partisan Pendulum of American Politics: Are we a Bipolar Nation?
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This week’s lecture The Partisan Pendulum of American Politics: Are We a Bipolar Nation? by our most popular political presenter, James Ingram, PhD

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Since the end of the New Deal Coalition, the United States has swung wildly from one political party to the other on a more-than-decadal basis. The partisan pendulum is not exclusively presidential but includes party transfers in the congressional and state elections as well. Is this why our country seems to be unable to accomplish much in recent years, or is this symptomatic of a checks-and-balances system that has been with us for 12 score years?

Presenter: James Ingram earned his doctor­ate from UC San Diego and has been teaching since 1990. He has taught American Politics and Campaigns and Elections at UCSD and SDSU. He is a veteran of the Southern California battles over reforming urban politics.

This video will be available for online viewing now through Sunday, June 14. All our Osher lectures are brought to you through our continued partnership with UC San Diego’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.